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Monday, December 26, 2011

Rory wishing a Merry Yuletide season to all.

Meet Rory. Thats short for Roaring Rory Sue. Shes the matriarch of the critter clan around here. And quite the social butterfly..... she loves darn near everyone. And lets you know it too! Hugs and kisses are her specialty.
Rory was found playing in the middle of a six lane highway at 11p.m.. Some kind people got her and the other dog into their car and took her to a rescue group. Thats how I met her. She was a six month old bundle of hairy sunshine that launched herself into my arms. Two months prior I had to have my doggie-girl Marilla put to sleep. She'd shared my life for eleven years and eleven months almost to the day.  I didn't think I'd ever find a dog to replace her. That was until I was face to face with this puppy with an overwhelmingly exuberant joy of life and capacity for love. It was one of the luckiest days of my life.  That was in the Spring of 2000. She is twelve years old now and slowing down a bit. Her joints seem a little stiff, her ability to hear has faded greatly this last year...... but she still has that loving and happy demeanor that is HER.
Another thing about Rory that stood out was her desire and ability to look after kittens! The same rescue group that I adopted her from had a trio of abandoned kittens brought in one day... the same day I dropped by to bring some donations. The kittens were filthy, dehydrated and the woman who ran the place had been trying to feed them....so they were covered in food too! Thats how the foster care segment of my life started. I brought them home, bathed them, sat down to feed them and Rory stuck to me like she was glued to my jeans. After they ate I let her "wash" them. When I put them in the crate she laid down next to it and wouldn't budge. If any of my housecats came over to take a look at the newcomers.... she chased them away! After a day or two she would wander into the next room, but let one of HER kittens cry and she was back in a flash.  Two of those kittens stayed with us. They are her cats, not mine! And she still tries to hold them down and bathe them occasionally. Man, they really HATE that! ha ha
But then, thats another story for another day. Today we hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and we wish the best for all in the coming New Year!

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