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Sunday, December 20, 2015

The latest crew!

   Its been a while since I've been back to the blogs and a lot has happened in that time! Tonight I'll just introduce the new crew. Mama Roxy is all ready back outside after being spayed... and she is loving it!  Her last litter is still in here though! (Just takes money. sheesh!)   
   On the left is Archimedes... is he ever a handful!!!  Sleeping right in front of him is Weasley.... At this point in time I'm not too sure about his intelligence level. Sweet though!     In the back is the runt and I renamed her Agatha... she looks a bit like a dark speckled agate! haha 
   But I had named her Sibyl originally since she had a similar coloring to THE Sibyl, who had disappeared quite a while back. I really miss that cat! She was one in a million.  Oh well, she remains in my memory and I've felt her spirit visiting a few times. I will take my comfort there.

    Last but not least is Esmeralda. So sweet and friendly. And I feel pretty confident in saying that I think Merlin is her father! She is a beauty!
    Have had two potential adopters back out due to life changes so far. Guess the "kids" are staying on as yard cats.

   Though Esmeralda would LOVE a home and family to call her own!

    I feel confident that Archimedes will do just fine outside! He is quite the roughneck!
   Of course I'd LOVE to find them all indoor forever homes.... so in case anyone has a lead just let me know!!!

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