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Friday, January 10, 2014

What a Day! by Jacob

   "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What a time we've had around here! I'm on the mend, but sometimes I still cry out in pain. That worries Mama. She says my bones and muscles didn't get a chance to grow properly because of poor nutrition and neglect. Boy, does she ever get mad about that!!!  But now she has to worry about Aunt Rory....... we all are.
    You see, Mama came home from work yesterday to find Rory's face and upper neck swollen up REALLY BAD! She called our doctor's office but there was a substitute vet there. (Mama doesn't have a very high opinion about this guy. I won't repeat what she said about his lack of skills.... I'm not supposed to use language like that!) She had to go anyway. Boy, was she ever upset! So out the door they went and before they got to the car Mama tripped and fell. Maynard the cat told me that the full body roll she did was really impressive!! Said it was as good as any cat could have done. Wow! I didn't know Mama had it in her! Good thing she did. Maynard says she got right up and got Rory into the car and off they went!

    The doctor's first guess was snake bite, then maybe something else. They did blood work and she had to stay there a few hours. Poor Rory. But the people in the back are really, really nice! I stayed there a long time when I was young!  By the time Mama went to get Rory, they thought it was a tooth abscess. And she had to get two prescriptions. 
   This morning they went back to see our real doctor and she was able to feel a big mass in Rory's neck. So Doc has given Rory another prescription to take and that nasty swelling of her face and jaw needs to go down more. It looked a LOT better this morning than it did! A WHOLE LOT better!    She still looks kinda' funny, but please don't tell her I said that. She is really sweet and we all love her so much.... I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings."

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