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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Whats Almost Here?

   " Mama keeps muttering to herself about how she can't believe its almost here. Blossom and I were starting to think that the cats might have slipped her some bad catnip somehow. (Well, you never know! Cats can be really sneaky when they want to be.)
    Then Coco assured us that we were incorrect. She'd all ready asked Brave Dave and Ronan about our suspicions and they said that all the cats were just as perplexed as we are.   We know shes been under a lot of stress this year... so we were keeping a close watch on her anyway. Wonder if her mind has finally snapped? That's not a good thing in humans. (Doesn't seem to matter much with cats though.)
   I tell you, its unnerving! She starts mumbling and every once in a while throws her hands up and says things like "I'll never be ready in time!" and "What the heck happened to 2013?" Shes making a fuss about finding some kind of cards. Says she needs to get them out soon! Sheesh!! What is all the worry and hurry about?!
   And to make it even more strange... she put some silly kind of collars on me and Ahulee. They were soft and fuzzy and had big BELLS on them that jingled every time we moved! It was really upsetting! I hope she takes those back to the store where she got them.... even the cats were snickering and making fun of us! Yep, I think that Mama might have lost part of her mind. I'll keep everyone updated on this dire situation. In the meantime......

....I'll look around outside. She may have dropped it out here in the back yard! Wish me luck."        Jacob