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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Not Exactly A Battle Royale!

"Here I am well hidden. Just waiting for my chance to pounce!"

"I spring into action! A little bite on the muzzle before she even knows I'm attacking. From that point.... its ON!"

 "The battle rages"
 "As you can clearly see my fighting skills are far superior to those of my opponent. I have her just where I want her!"
 "When she becomes distracted.... I go for the EAR! Great move on my part."
"Unfortunately at one point in this conflict of strength and guile, I miscalculate a lunge... and wind up waaaay too close to the deadliest part of this ferocious beast. But with my lightning fast reflexes I manage to escape unharmed by any noxious fumes!"

"Here I am..... VICTORIOUS!"

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